Church Groups


In a study on Coronary Artery Risk Development researchers found that people who attended church activities regularly were more than twice as likely to become obese than people with no such involvement. The authors speculate that those who attended church were more likely to have a larger social network, which led to more opportunities to gather over food and drink. Listen to what the researchers concluded:

“Results of the scientific study suggest that religious groups can benefit from targeted diet and exercise programs to counteract whatever trends may be promoting weight gain among church-goers.”Interestingly, the same social forces that contribute to obesity are also helpful in combating weight gain. Simply by virtue of their infrastructure and social support networks, religious groups are well suited to enact health interventions for diet and exercise in an efficient and effective manner,” says one researcher. “They have a natural built-in support and follow up system which is extremely important in creating sustainable lifestyle changes.”


I believe very strongly in promoting health among other believers. Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight seemed impossible when I weighed 254 lbs. but by tapping into the strength that my faith provided I was able to turn it around.

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