Share Your Story





Congratulations! People in the Challenged to Change Community are getting great results! This week alone, several of you have contacted me to share the progress you are making. Together, we are turning the health and strength of this country around. You deserve to be proud of your accomplishments!

If you hit a major goal this week, whether you dropped weight, gained strength, or simply honored your commitment to exercise a certain amount or eat healthy, I would love to hear about it and I’m sure that the other members of our community will be encouraged by your achievements.

Please feel free to share this post or contact me with specific questions or comments you may have. ( Your questions may be featured on a future episode of the podcast, but your contact info and full name will not be used.)

I am always on the lookout for pics our community members post of themselves doing something active with family and friends or making better decisions about what and how much to eat. If you want to be featured as a Success Story on the site or our Facebook fan page just let me know and I will help you put your story in a format that will encourage and motivate others.

You have made an excellent choice by associating with other people who are also making positive changes.  I want to take a moment to personally thank each member of this community and helping to change the face of good health in America.