Fire Up Your Metabolism


If you have tried and “failed” to reach a healthy weight in the past or if you have been successful at it but now your results are getting harder to maintain, this post is for you.

I want to share a little secret with you. The human body is very complex and it does everything it can to maintain its current conditions. Storing excess food as body fat is just one more example of a mechanism that is designed to help us survive no matter what. However, this bit of information can also help us achieve the level of health and  fitness we really want.


It may be helpful to think of metabolism as a roaring blaze that is ignited by the body’s demand for energy and fueled by the nutrients obtained from the foods we eat. The more often you “feed the fire” with high quality foods in appropriate amounts and the more you create an energy demand through increased activity and by building lean muscle, the hotter this fire will burn. When we try to “starve” unwanted body fat by simply limiting calories the flame goes out.

Before you can enjoy the warmth of the fire, you must realize that you are cold. If this doesn’t happen or if no one comes along and recognizes that you are freezing, you may not make it through the winter, so to speak.

Finding a Better Balance Cover

I’ve spent the past year collecting my best tips and techniques for transformation into a format that anyone can use to replicate my results. (You can access a preview by visiting this page.)


I wish I had known these things sooner. I could have avoided years of pain and low energy in a body I was not proud of instead of living life to the fullest each and every day! I hope you will make use of the strategies I present in my upcoming book and accompanying audio program as well as those I share through this website. As always, I look forward to hearing your comments and questions each week.

Until next time, Stay Strong and Live with Faith! -Jason