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I’ve taken a few months off from blogging to record some all new podcast episodes! My guests have ranged from fellow bloggers like Dr. Jonathan Neal Colter from allabouthealthychoices.wordpress.com  to stars of reality television like Tiffany “Pearls” Humpert from ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss (with Chris and Heidi Powell), Kurt Morgan and La’Tasha Givens from “My Diet is Better Than Yours” (Hosted by Shaun T of Insanity!)

I’ve also featured local heroes from my hometown like Crossfit Adapted Athlete and world record holder Michael Mills and Neuromuscular Therapist and fellow natural health advocate Karen Foster LMT. All of these episodes are available to download to your player using the links shown here.

If you’d like to be a guest on an upcoming episode just comment on this post. I got some very exciting news this week. Success Magazine wants to do a feature story for an upcoming issue of the magazine! The blogging community here on WordPress has been very supportive since I began writing several years ago and I’d like to share the spotlight with my fellow bloggers. I’m particularly interested in blogs pertaining to health, fitness, nutrition and (safe, effective) weight loss as well as personal development/goal achievement. Don’t be shy! You could be the next star of the show!

(You can also contact me by email at Jason@BetterBalanceLife.com.) 

Tiffany Podcast


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La'Tasha Podcast

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Karen Podcast

Dr. Colter Podcast


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